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  The answer to whether the recent horrific massacre in San Bernardino, CA was “workplace violence” or an act of terrorism is that it constituted “workplace violence” no matter what the motive of Syed Rizwan Farook was.  The definition of workplace violence is extremely broad.  The attacker’s motivation in any particular attack is not what […]

  A holiday party at work.  One employee leaves a little upset.  Who would have ever expected that he would return with his wife and an arsenal of assault rifles and semi-automatic handguns and engage in the worst US mass violence attack since Sandy Hook in 2012.  However, this is exactly what happened yesterday in […]

Another senseless massacre on a college campus. It raises so many questions towards what solutions we can find so that no one has to experience this again. Here, the shooter, Elliot Oliver Robertson Rodger had allegedly shown signs of mental illness since his early childhood. He also had received therapy since early childhood yet clearly […]

Is the “me generation” mentality to blame for the recent increases in workplace violence? It seems that when someone does not get their way, for instance an employee does not feel respected by management, gets terminated or does not get the raise they think they deserve, that the reaction today is to resort to violence. […]

In the past month, we have seen multiple incidents of violence in the workplace including many at malls, schools and colleges. It is a problem that employers in this country can no longer avoid for it seems to be everywhere. Therefore, employers would be wise to ensure that they are prepared. What steps should employers […]

Take a look at HR Learning Center’s President and Founder, Melissa Fleischer, Esq., discussing warning signs of workplace violence on WPIX morning news.  View this link: HR Learning Center provides training seminars and webinars on workplace violence prevention and warning signs of workplace violence.  What are the warning signs of workplace violence?  Melissa Fleischer […]

On September 16, 2013 another tragic incident of workplace violence occurred at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC.  An IT contractor, Aaron Alexis, who had security clearance, came to work and starting shooting all those eating breakfast in the Atrium below him at the headquarters for the Naval Sea Systems Command.  Twelve people including the […]