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Major change with US District Court Judge issuing nationwide injunction stopping implementation of Final FLSA Overtime Rule.


The details tug the heart strings: A worker who was held hostage at gunpoint at her part-time job suffered post-traumatic anxiety and depression that caused her to take FMLA leave from her full-time job. While she escaped the hostage scenario without physical injuries, the emotional trauma lasted for years. To deal with it, she twice […]

Update on Facebook Firing Case In January we informed you about a case in which a Connecticut employer terminated an employee allegedly for a post they made on Facebook.  The case has become known as the Facebook Firing case.  This case was recently settled so although we have no new law on the issue a […]

By: Melissa Fleischer, Esq. As a manager, what are the top FMLA mistakes that you need to avoid?  Without a doubt, number 1 mistake is not understanding the definition of “serious health condition”.  Managers need to understand that “serious” is a misnomer.  What qualifies as a serious health condition under the FMLA has nothing to […]