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The HR world constantly changes at all levels, including federal, state, and city ordinances. HR managers, especially those that work for small businesses, often have a hard time keeping up with changing laws. In fact, more than 90% of companies seek outside advice on compliance issues. Employment lawsuits have increased 400% in the last 20 […]

Social media policy drafting has been leaving employment attorneys perplexed lately. Just when we lawyers believed we understood what was now being required by the NLRB and what was still prohibited, a recent decision by an ALJ throws a wrench into the mix and confuses everyone even more than we previously had been. The background […]

It’s not just employees’ telling stories out of school — and on Facebook — that end up under a judge’s scrutiny: Sometimes it’s the boss. An owner of a chain of bars apparently drunk-posted a frustrated entry on his Facebook page about a wage-and-hour lawsuit some of his employees had filed against him. He wrote, […]

You may remember that recently an employee was fired from her job for her CT employer AMR for posting negative information about her supervisor on her Facebook page.  The case received notoriety because the firing caused the NLRB to file a charge against the company alleging that the company had violated the NLRA by firing […]

Update on Facebook Firing Case In January we informed you about a case in which a Connecticut employer terminated an employee allegedly for a post they made on Facebook.  The case has become known as the Facebook Firing case.  This case was recently settled so although we have no new law on the issue a […]

  Have you ever wondered whether you can fire an employee for what they say to their friends on Facebook?  The answer might surprise you.  What do you need to know before you fire an employee for postings they have made on Facebook?  First of all, you can terminate an employee who violates the law.  […]