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Look around your workplace.  What you find might surprise you.  In fact, there could be a Harvey Weinstein lurking in your workplace? Although sexual harassment has been present in workplaces for over fifty years, recently more and more women have been revealing their stories and commencing lawsuits about harassment they have experienced in the workplace […]

When you have required disciplinary action and vague accusations at the same time, what do you do? Insist on some kind of follow up. HR needs to make those accusations more concrete. In this case, stronger action may have prevented this case from being litigated all the way to a federal appeals court. A hospital […]

Colleges and Universities can prevent harassment on their college campuses by ensuring they have a well-drafted Anti-Harassment Policy and by providing training to students, employees and managers on that policy.

Someone as famous and well known as David Letterman should know better. However, even he has now allegedly engaged in what might be considered to be “sexual harassment”. Learn whether David Letterman’s alleged actions constitute sexual harassment and understand the legal analysis of what is considered to be sexual harassment.