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As we start the New Year, employers would be wise to conduct an audit of their employee handbooks to make sure they are up-to-date and legally compliant.  What are some of the top issues you will want to be aware of regarding potential changes for 2016?  There are many. First and foremost, you will want […]

The HR world constantly changes at all levels, including federal, state, and city ordinances. HR managers, especially those that work for small businesses, often have a hard time keeping up with changing laws. In fact, more than 90% of companies seek outside advice on compliance issues. Employment lawsuits have increased 400% in the last 20 […]

UPDATE – The Supreme Court Speaks By: S. Adam Spiewak, Esq. HR Consultant for HR Learning Center The US Supreme Court issued its Opinion in the case Integrity Staffing Solutions, Inc. vs. Busk on December 9, 2014. The issue presented in this case was whether the Employer (Integrity Staffing Solutions), which had placed many workers […]

A police officer is accused of misconduct, specifically, being intoxicated. His superiors think he’s lied to them during the investigation. They fire him. He says that he’s entitled to procedural due process rights because of police department rules and regulations in the employee handbook. A judge disagrees, saying the handbook language doesn’t create a constitutionally […]

Update on Facebook Firing Case In January we informed you about a case in which a Connecticut employer terminated an employee allegedly for a post they made on Facebook.  The case has become known as the Facebook Firing case.  This case was recently settled so although we have no new law on the issue a […]

Workplace Violence Prevention Seminar: A Seminar You Cannot Afford to Miss A ½ day Workplace Violence Prevention Seminar to help prevent instances of violence in your workplace.  This public training seminar will provide tips to help you manage your risk and avoid liability for any incidents of violence that may occur.  This seminar will be […]

Concrete steps every employer can and should take to prevent incidents of violence in the workplace.