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PRE-EMPLOYMENT PHYSICALS: EMPLOYERS BEWARE Recently, the EEOC decided to breathe some life into the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act by taking a much more aggressive approach to the Genetic Information Non-Discrimination Act. The EEOC has identified genetic discrimination as one of its six national priorities. Thus, they recently commenced an action against two different companies that […]

Without a doubt, one of the most legalistic and complicated of the employment laws is clearly the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”). I have found that there are really ten easy steps that HR should use to ensure legal compliance with the FMLA. Also, keep in mind that although I am focusing on the […]

Is Telecommuting a Reasonable Accommodation under the ADA? Recently, the Sixth Circuit in EEOC v. Ford Motor Company,  held that it might be. In this case, Jane Harris, an employee with irritable bowel syndrome requested the opportunity to telecommute and work several days a week from home. Ford Motor Company refused claiming that an essential […]

As summer approaches, you may be wondering whether your organization should hire an unpaid intern this summer. Sounds like a great idea. You get top notch talent at no cost. But beware of what this means for your organization with regard to potential legal liability. Most employers are unaware of the strict requirements under the […]

Is the “me generation” mentality to blame for the recent increases in workplace violence? It seems that when someone does not get their way, for instance an employee does not feel respected by management, gets terminated or does not get the raise they think they deserve, that the reaction today is to resort to violence. […]