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Another horrific instance of workplace violence, this one directed at middle school students by a 12-year old boy. Thank God for the heroic acts of one of their own teachers who attempted to get the boy to stand down and lost his own life while doing so. The question remains of whether in this terrible […]

As an HR exec, you may want to investigate multiple transfers of the same person to see if managers are avoiding dealing with performance problems. Here’s a case in point: Two sets of managers at an insurance company decided an administrative assistant “wasn’t a good fit” for their department and helped her find positions in […]

At many companies, the person who is terminating another isn’t necessarily the one making the decision. In cases like this, HR probably should get involved and make sure there are no outstanding issues that might need to be resolved during termination. A messy case in Georgia resulted in multiple jury awards: $25,000 for state-law negligent […]

Sometimes the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. And in a big company, there are often more than two hands. In a recent case involving a chemist at an oil company, a worker, his co-worker, their boss, and HR all ended up at odds. Long cast of characters and incidents ·         […]

Have you been thinking of taking your HR Department paperless but delayed because you were not sure where to begin.  The task of taking your HR Department can be daunting.  HR has responsibility for more documents than perhaps any other department in your organization.  HR has responsibility for all hiring documents including resumes, employment applications, […]

When someone sues under the ADA for discrimination, the courts sort out what happens according to a process known as a “shifting burden.” That’s a dialogue of accusations and responses that allows each party to explain its side of the story: 1. An employee makes a prima facie case of discrimination. This is a statement […]