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When you have required disciplinary action and vague accusations at the same time, what do you do? Insist on some kind of follow up. HR needs to make those accusations more concrete. In this case, stronger action may have prevented this case from being litigated all the way to a federal appeals court. A hospital […]

Take a look at HR Learning Center’s President and Founder, Melissa Fleischer, Esq., discussing warning signs of workplace violence on WPIX morning news.  View this link: HR Learning Center provides training seminars and webinars on workplace violence prevention and warning signs of workplace violence.  What are the warning signs of workplace violence?  Melissa Fleischer […]

The details tug the heart strings: A worker who was held hostage at gunpoint at her part-time job suffered post-traumatic anxiety and depression that caused her to take FMLA leave from her full-time job. While she escaped the hostage scenario without physical injuries, the emotional trauma lasted for years. To deal with it, she twice […]

On September 16, 2013 another tragic incident of workplace violence occurred at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC.  An IT contractor, Aaron Alexis, who had security clearance, came to work and starting shooting all those eating breakfast in the Atrium below him at the headquarters for the Naval Sea Systems Command.  Twelve people including the […]

A police officer is accused of misconduct, specifically, being intoxicated. His superiors think he’s lied to them during the investigation. They fire him. He says that he’s entitled to procedural due process rights because of police department rules and regulations in the employee handbook. A judge disagrees, saying the handbook language doesn’t create a constitutionally […]

It’s not just employees’ telling stories out of school — and on Facebook — that end up under a judge’s scrutiny: Sometimes it’s the boss. An owner of a chain of bars apparently drunk-posted a frustrated entry on his Facebook page about a wage-and-hour lawsuit some of his employees had filed against him. He wrote, […]