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CT employers need to act now to provide workplace violence prevention training to their workforces. CT had the most workplace violence injuries last year out of all of the New England states. This article provides a thorough reveiw of steps employers can take to prevent workplace violence incidents in their workplaces.


Public sector employers in New York State need to get in compliance with the New York State Workplace Violence Prevention Act. Originally passed on June 7, 2006 and effective on March 4, 2007, the law requires all New York public employers to develop a workplace violence prevention program and to provide training to all of […]

The  National Labor Relations Board has filed a complaint against a Connecticut company that allegedly terminated an employee for disparaging remarks she made on Facebook about her boss.  The NLRB alleges that the termination violated the law that protects employees from discipline for discussing their working conditions and jobs with their co-workers.   The Company, American […]


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